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I am always looking for new opportunities to excel professionally and personally. If you or someone you know have an opportunity where my experiences and skills may be an asset, please reach out.



A leader who has enabled exceptional collaboration amount cross-functional colleagues by establishing a safe and productive environment fueled by open communication and intentional relationship building. A veteran of the U.S. Intelligence Community and Federal Bureau of Investigation with over 30 years of experience in leadership, intelligence and law enforcement operations, analytic and research, in criminal justice, national security, and intelligence analysis, including homeland security, financial crimes, anti-money laundering, and counterterrorism. Cybersecurity professional (FBI investigations) and training includes Security+, CEH, and Splunk Core User trained professional, gained expertise in identifying valuable benefits to the business and IT lifecycle, formulating principles for continuous integration, continuous delivery, testing, and security. Developed expertise in providing the necessary education and hands-on expertise needed to build the DevOps vocabulary. Successful in driving change, reorganization, and risk management practices by identifying various control types and risk reduction policies to ensure risk prevention.


Genuine interest in students as people, prioritizes time for students, and supports students as they develop. Expertise in improving workflows, communication, and feedback loops by following best practices, and driving automation by using deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains. Demonstrated knowledge of Risk Management Framework (RMF) Package, Artifacts, and SOPs as well as FISMA Compliance, NIST SP 800-53 Controls, and Cloud security. Brings subject matter expertise in research methodology, intelligence analysis, counterterrorism, and financial fraud investigations. Recognized for implementing intelligence tradecraft and capabilities in all aspects of work in Intelligence and law enforcement operations.

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