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Doctoral Dissertation and Thesis Committees Experience

Since 2018, I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as a member and chair for doctoral and master's thesis students at several universities (Touro worldwide, National American University, and American Military University). As a committee member and chair, I was responsible for promptly reviewing thesis and dissertation drafts and providing feedback. Working with Institutional Review Board (IRB) submissions. In addition, I have successfully mentored 75 doctoral and thesis students on topics ranging from psychology to criminal justice and intelligence (national security). I have been selected due to being a methodologist; Quantitative and Qualitative research designs and their aligned methodologies.


American Military University

Thesis Faculty advisor - Successful thesis published to date since 2018; 78.

Touro University

Dissertation Chair (3) and committee member (5): Responsible for guiding the Ph.D. candidate to produce doctoral level, original scholarship in their proposed topic area. Institutional Review Board preparation and approval. 

Successful Published Candidate, July 2019; two Doctoral Candidates in Dissertation as of September 2019. Committee member for four additional dissertation candidates in 2020. 


National American University

As of 2022 (June) I have served as a committee member for two students. As of March 2022, I am the committee member as the Subject Matter Expert on a second doctoral candidate.


Journal Reviewer

2021-Present, reviewed journal manuscript articles for Policing and Oxford University Press academic journals.

Adjunct Professor - Intelligence Management

August 2016 – January 2019
Instructed undergraduate and graduate level Intelligence Management and Counterterrorism Courses. Member of Graduate studies ePortfolio oral presentations
Oversees the design, implementation, and support of the Intelligence Management Studies graduate and undergraduate programs. Provides system-wide leadership and facilitation for design implementation and improvement of Intelligence Management education. Works collaboratively with other deans to provide superior student academic support. Collaborates with faculty throughout the system to ensure excellence in teaching-learning and assessment.  Provides leadership in creativity for course delivery.
Responsible for the oversight and facilitation of curriculum assessments in accordance with Higher Learning Commission recommendations for accreditation.
Works directly with Enrollment and Success Counselors regarding all student issues.
Evaluation of faculty performance and works with the faculty for improvement. Facilitates hiring and administration of faculty and subject matter experts for instruction/course curriculum.
Represents NAU with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Creates and delivers workshops and seminars to meet the needs of all faculty members teaching. Facilitates the ongoing evaluation and improvement of curricula, learning outcomes, and competencies. Support student success and learning outcomes. Conducts outreach with associations, US government entities, etc. to further academic partnerships and alliances.
Served on Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council, New Product Committee, Faculty Quality Review, and Rubric Development Committee, Branding and Marketing Initiatives.

Graduate Courses Taught:

Instructed undergraduate and graduate level Intelligence Management and Counterterrorism Courses. Member of Graduate studies ePortfolio oral presentations.

Assistant Professor - Adjunct

June 2013 - October 2019
Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO
Teach undergraduate and graduate Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Management courses for the Center for Security Studies Degree program and School of Economics and Finance.
Revision Committee – CJUS 141 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Certified as an Assessment Officer – April 2018. Since then I have completed several assessments. 
Faculty Handbook Revision Subcommittee – Student Escalation (May 2018)

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

CJUS 254 Introduction to Homeland Security
HLS 410 Psychology of Fear Management and Terrorism 
HLS 360 Counter Intelligence (CI) 
CJUS 253 Homeland Security
CJUS 275 Security Management
HLS 300 HR and Administrative Issues in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
HLS 460 Advanced Application of Intelligence in Homeland Security
HLS 315 Interagency Relationships in Homeland Security
HLS 325 Research Methodology and Policy
HLS 350 Introduction to Intelligence

Graduate Courses Taught:

HLS 640T Vulnerability Analysis and Protection
CYBR 611 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Management
CYBR 613 Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance
HLS 610T Dynamics of Terrorism
CYBR 617 Applied Cybersecurity Management
CYBR 609 Professional Communication for Cybersecurity Managers
CJUS 687 Homeland Security Concentration Capstone
HLS 603 Technology Solutions for Homeland Security
HLS 604 Intelligence Organizational and Policy Challenges 
HLS 641 Introduction to Cyber Security Policy
HLS 600 Fundamentals of Homeland Security 
HLS 630 Organizational and Policy Challenges 
HLS 602 Dynamics of Terrorism
HLS 642 Government and the Cyber Sector
HLS 644 Emerging Initiatives of Cyber Security Strategy
AMU logo.png

Adjunct Instructor - American Military University

August 2014 - August 2022
Teach undergraduate Intelligence courses in the School of Global Security Studies. 
Conducted course curriculum revisions for several courses. Since 2008, I have acted as a university Ambassador for prospective students.

Courses Taught:                       

INTL508 Intelligence Analysis  
INTL 616 Ethical Challenges in the Intelligence Community
INTL 699 Intelligence Studies Capstone
INTL 635 Indications and Warnings
INTL 653  Deception, Propaganda, and Disinformation 
INTL 501 Strategic Intelligence
CRMJ 401 Human Trafficking
INTL 401 Critical Analysis  
INTL 402 Intelligence Analysis
INTL 443 Foreign Intelligence Organizations
HLSS 498 Senior Homeland Security Seminar  

Courses Revised:

INTL 409 Counterintelligence
SCMT 498 Senior Seminar in Security Management
SCMT 371 Legal and Ethical Issues in Security Management

Adjunct Instructor – Touro University Worldwide

Teach online Cyber security, Criminal Justice, and Public Administration courses to graduate level students. 
Dissertation Chair and committee member: Responsible for guiding the Ph.D. candidate to produce doctoral level, original scholarship in their proposed topic area. Institutional Review Board preparation and approval. 

Two Candidates in Dissertation as of May 2019. 

Graduate Courses Taught:

MPA606 Law and Public Policy 
CJS307 Criminal Justice in World Culture
CBY610 Foundations of Cybersecurity Management ( I developed)
CBY615 Foundations of Data Protection (I developed)
MBA602 Ethics for HR Professional
MBA606 Ethics for Business Professionals 
CSU logo.png

Full-time Instructor – Columbia Southern University

January 2019 - Present
Taught online graduate level Criminal Justice and Homeland Security courses. Developed graduate level curriculum.

*Academic Program Review Committee Chair (2020-2021 & 2022). The Academic Program Review Committee (APRC) coordinates the continuous review of all colleges’ academic programs within the University. For continuous improvement and planning, the Committee directs the creation of the annual report of educational programs. In addition, it summarizes findings and recommendations for improvement to the Office of the Provost and Office of Academic Affairs via the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC).


*Academic and Student Affairs Policy Committee (2021-2022). The committee is responsible for the review of new, modified, and discontinued policies and procedures submitted through Track I of the Institutional Decision Procedures. Responsibilities included the review and advice of Administratively Responsible Persons (ARPs) of submitted policies and procedures. Draw upon the expertise and knowledge of university faculty and staff, as needed. Uphold the university mission, service to students, and Track I process through careful consideration of all policies and procedures. Vote on all submissions and communicate appropriately. Preserve decisions in meeting minutes. Provide recommendation(s) to academic and student affairs leadership as outlined by the Track I process.


*Chapter Coordinator for the Order of the Sword and Shield since June 2020. Over 90 new inductees since July 2021 and over 225 active and alumni members.

Courses Taught: Graduate

MCJ6374 Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice
MCJ6453 Global Terrorism
MCJ5135 Theory of Crime and Criminology
BCJ4301 Management and Supervision in Criminal Justice
MCJ5532 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
BCJ4701 Criminal Justice Organization and Administration
HLS4304 Intelligence Process
CMJ6309 – Forensics Criminal Intelligence Analysis
OPS2302 – Military Logistics

Associate Professor – Austin-Peay State University

2016 - 2019
Taught online undergraduate Criminal Justice and Corrections courses

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

CRJ 1060 Introduction to Criminology
CRJ 1050 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ 3020 Criminal Evidence Procedure
CRJ 4000 Law Enforcement Administration

Adjunct Instructor – Florida State College at Jacksonville

Teach online undergraduate Criminal Justice technology courses.

Undergraduate Course Developed and Taught:

DSC 4016 Disaster Policy and Law
This course included an overview of homeland security laws and regulations, public safety requirements and policies, privacy rights in the context of security concerns, human resource issues, organizational structure and management priorities. Students explore FEMA's role in policy, law, and management of natural and man-made disasters. Legal and policy issues impacting pertinent federal, state, local and private sector agencies are examined.
SUNY Canton.jpg

Full-time Instructor - SUNY Canton

Taught undergraduate Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
Developed, reviewed and instructed undergraduate Criminal Justice and Homeland Security program courses. Assisted the Homeland Security Curriculum Coordinator in matters pertaining to the program. Advised students enrolled in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice programs.
Institutional Committees: Faculty Salary Review Task Force (Spring 2017); Academic Integrity Committee (Summer & Fall 2017); Flex Course Pilot Program (Technology) (Fall 2017); CJ Search Committee (Fall 2017) and Institutional Review Board (Fall 2017)
Organization/Clubs: National Honors Society of the Order of The Sword and Shield Chapter Advisor. Criminal Justice Student Association Co-advisor; US Coast Guard Auxiliary Co-advisor.
Program Minor Developed:
The Minor in intelligence is designed to expand the student’s exposure and knowledge of the national and homeland security structures, entities, and components and other intelligence-related fields. The minor focuses on the benefits of the overall tradecraft and concepts of intelligence as a function, profession and process to utilize in intelligence and law enforcement communities. The minor offers the students flexibility to pursue interests in criminal justice while preparing themselves for careers in the intelligence community and provides students with the foundational understanding of the theoretical, conceptual, and technological dimensions of intelligence.

Courses Taught:

JUST 203 Criminal Investigations
JUST 230 Fundamentals of Homeland Security (Developed)
JUST 231 Introduction to Terrorism, Intelligence and Homeland Security (Not Purchased)
JUST 232 Intelligence Analysis (Not Purchased)
JUST 314 Ethics in Criminal Justice
JUST 323 Multiculturalism in Criminal Justice
JUST 355 Public Safety Critical Incident Response
JUST 375 Methods of Terrorism Through the Ages (Developed)
JUST 415 Emerging Issues in Homeland Security (Developed)
JUST 449 Current Issues in Law Enforcement
JUST 326 Threats to Homeland Security (Developed)
JUST 425 Intelligence Research and Analysis (Developed)
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